A Sense of Pleasure´s Afra

d.o.b. 16.09.2016

Health Results:

HD: B1/B1

ED: 0/0

Eyes: free (05.06.2018)

Colour: black carries yellow

Teeth: Scissorbite

PRCD-PRA: normal

EIC: N/N (free)

HNPK: N/N (free)

SD2: N/N (free)

DNA: yes by Laboklin

Long Coat: L/L (no carrier)

Requirements: no



Datum: 25.03.2018

Cityt: Olfen

Judge: Mr. Hauke Pöhler


Form Value: excellent

Date: 02.06.2018

City: Springe

Judge: Mrs. Gisela Werner

Summary Assessment of Nature:

,, The 18 month old bitch shows a nice bond to her owner today. She meets strangers friendly and safe, she enjoys lying on her back. Her hunting abilities are well developed. On the course she examines the objects independently and shows herself interested and safe. All in all an open-minded bitch who happily lives out her instinct and wants to please her owner. Safe when shooting!"                                                                                                    (Hauke Pöhler)